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The Artistic Minority Underground 
A Mutual Support Hub for Experimenters, Counterculturists and Aesthetes

The times dictate conformity. You may have been rejected by a manager, producer, agent or administrator for a limited amount of likes on social media; because your "content" wasn't "relevant" or "timely"; too conservative or on the other hand too daring; too experimental or old-fashioned or just... "inaccessible". In other words, a reason far removed from beauty, style or structure.

Money won't come easy; neither will the needed contacts. In the meantime, why not make some friends?

The Artistic Minority Underground is a (primarily) online community for narrative creators who prize art's accomplishment above all else. Independent and obsessive and hardworking, they agree with scribe James Joyce's statement from The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: "Art is the human disposition of sensible or intelligible matter for an aesthetic end." 

It's an online place for artists to share works and thoughts with others without any protocol: no politics, no put-downs, no all-caps.

If you'd like to get involved using your own name or a pseudonym; signing up for online meetings or just monthly updates, drop The Crepuscular Press's founder Sophia a message. Sophia Lambton is the novelist and arts writer who founded TCP. She thinks it's time for people in a similar position to unite and talk about what is eternal and sublime.

So get in touch. What (more) have you got to lose? There is no cost, no obligation and no need to prove yourself.  It's just a mutual support hub.


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