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The Crooked Little Pieces: Volume 4                                      

2 September 2024                                    


Curiosity can be a killer.

The clock begins to tick on Anneliese’s moral compass as the sleuth-psychiatrist delves deeper into London’s social dregs – encountering a playbook too subversive for her tastes. While Isabel belittles the idea of jealousy Charles Anthony views his obsession as a Jezebel. Susanna’s (other) indiscretions are hard-pressed to rest in peace as torments old and new distort her life. Headmaster Richard on the other hand sparks strife when he reviles his troublesome subordinate… again.

Repression treads with clumsy thumps on both the sisters’ souls in this suspicion-rousing feast of silent dreams: a gallery of scintillating scenes where passion and possessiveness still lurk beneath the surface.

Envy, pride, wrath and desire light a fire in The Crooked Little Pieces: Volume 4: the part inviting you to pick your poison.

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