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The Crooked Little Pieces: Volume 2                                     

2 Dec 2022

CLP 2 Cover Final 23_edited.jpg

Mind the gap between youth’s pedestal and looming adulthood.

Two years have passed since Anneliese and Isabel braved the bombardment of the Blitz. Risks are resumed and revelations rattle as the past begins to rear its ugly head. Suffering sends Isabel on downward spirals; Anneliese falls victim to society’s expectations. Skeletons come tumbling from Susanna’s closet and for some the sex-and-death divide grows thinner.

Spying on the escapades of the sororal van der Holts, The Crooked Little Pieces: II invites you to encounter more of Anneliese and Isabel than they know of themselves.


Self-recognition is discomfiting.


And we have only just begun.

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