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Key Points

Ever thought about the life of a peripatetic, chronically in-demand soprano?

You may want to consider…

  • Genius is not a lightbulb moment. The word gets thrown around a lot, but great art—even by the most gifted creator—is a cornucopia of long-fine-tuned components.

  • The media will misdescribe you. So will you. No one’s a robot. Yellow press were never kind to Callas.

    But sometimes she also contradicted herself.


  • The hidden instrument is unpredictable. Have you found a single reason for Callas’ vocal decline? Think again. Being inside us, the voice is by far the most difficult instrument to govern… and insidious.


  • In a tacky spectacle with slothful colleagues, how far will you go to save your art? Because… your colleagues may resent you. Glossy magazines will tout you as a diva. Rumors will defy negation.



  • The whole truth and nothing but… butIf memory plays tricks on people, how can you examine a performance or a statement or an action from ten years ago? And how can anybody else?

"If you love music truly you can only feel humble before its infinite potentialities and recognize one’s own limitations in serving it—perhaps at the cost of never knowing any lasting, consistent happiness."
—Maria Callas

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