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Expired Story                                                                            Summer 2025

Set in 2004 at the start of America’s tech boom, Expired Story is a tale of faded selves.

Once a spark-fuelled fugitive from stiff Connecticut-based WASPs, Alexa Lilyhammer is now middle-aged and manages a run-down boarding house with country bumpkin husband Leland on the cusp of California’s Crescent City. Her childhood sweetheart Seymour Raven - a product of the Chelsea, Massachusetts foster care system - is now a billionaire hotel magnate.

As the boarding house begins to crumble under pressure from a herd of hungry hotel chains, Seymour steps back into Alexa’s life about to marry Violet: her materialistic stepdaughter. Witnessing his fast determination to acquire their small business and upturn the town’s close-knit community, Alexa hastens to expose the dirty deeds that underlie Seymour’s illicit dealings. The juvenile, compulsive instinct for rebellion that consumed their early lives is suddenly rekindled – leading them to act in unexpected ways and stifle their conformity to the repressive status quo.

Expired Story is a work that defies commonly used labels and eschews the stereotypes that irremediably pervade our culture. It’s a novel for the drama addicts and the worshippers of cinematic beauty in us all.

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